#1852 Electrical Controls Engineer Apply Now IN to $85K

We have placed two other Engineers here as the team has expanded, and they both love it! Production volumes have consistently grown for several years.

#1851 Production Supervisor Apply Now Greater Atlanta to $75K +15% Bonus

Business is booming! Great work environment where everyone works well together. We have helped 2 others come to work at this plant over the last few years, and both are very happy. Position is open due to promotion.

#1850 HR Generalist Apply Now IN to $65K

This is a new position, and the HR Manager wants to groom this person to replace them. Business continues to be very good.

#1849 EHS Manager Apply Now MO to $100K

Outstanding opportunity to build a Safety Program from the ground up. This is the flagship plant of an emerging company that has had tremendous growth over the last few years. The plant has a lot of new equipment and a strong leadership team.

#1848 Production Supervisor (2) Apply Now MO to $75K

Flagship plant with a lot of new equipment and a strong leadership team. Company and facility have experienced significant growth in recent years.

#1847 Engineering & Maintenance Manager Apply Now CA to $120K

This is an opportunity to make a significant impact! This plant will grow by more than 20% this year and double in size in the next 4-5 years. Plant and company leadership is outstanding!

#1845 Plant Manager Apply Now GA to $90K

Great work environment where people are valued and many say it’s the best place they have ever worked. This stable company has a history of success.

#1844 Director of Information Services Apply Now GA to $150K

Company has purchased multiple companies over the last 10 years and has a vision for continued growth. Phenomenal work environment results in many long-term, highly productive employees. The CFO (hiring manager) is outstanding.

#1842 Plant Manager Apply Now IN to $150K

Stable company with a history of success.  Company is ready to hire.

#1841 Production Manager Apply Now IN to $95K

Business is booming and the company continues to grow. The Hiring Manager is outstanding.

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