#1873 Quality & Food Safety Manager Apply Now LA to $85K

This company has purchased other companies, added new facilities, and added new product lines in recent years. This plant is looking to upgrade much of their equipment, increasing automation. People are valued in this tremendously successful organization.

#1872 Quality Assurance Manager Apply Now KY to $75K

Great opportunity where management lets you do your job. Company is growing. Benefits are very good.

#1871 Production Manager Apply Now IN to $105K

Business is booming and the company continues to grow. The Hiring Manager is outstanding.

#1870 Plant Manager Apply Now GA to $95K

Great work environment where people are valued and many say it’s the best place they have ever worked. This stable company has a history of success.

#1869 Production Supervisor Apply Now Greater Atlanta to $75K + 15%

Great work environment where everyone works well together. We have helped others come to work at this plant over the last few years, and they are very happy. A new line is starting up soon.

#1868 Assistant DC Manager Apply Now IN to $65K

Those we have helped come to work here are very happy! Stable company with a history of growth.

#1857 Purchasing Agent Apply Now IN to $70K

Promotion to Purchasing Manager could occur within 2 years! Others we have helped come to work here are extremely happy.

#1853 Sanitation Manager Apply Now IN to $80K

We have placed others here who say it is a great place to work! Production volumes have consistently grown for several years. Position is open because current manager is moving internally.

#1850 HR Generalist Apply Now IN to $75K

This is a new position, and the HR Manager wants to groom this person to replace them. Business continues to be very good.

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